Yasuhiro Misawa (三澤 康広, Misawa Yasuhiro, born 1976 in the Nagano Prefecture) is a Japanese music composer who is currently affiliated with Company Aza. He has studied music since he was five years old and has experience playing the piano, flute, and drums. Misawa enrolled into the music program offered at the Nihon University College of Art and, through the program's services, he was offered a position as a musical composer for Koei. Since 2005, Misawa became a musical assistant for Yoshihiro Ike, which he still holds at present.

He has since composed music for various anime, video games, and TV shows. A few of which includes the Minami-ke anime series, Arcana Famiglia, and Puchimas! PETITE IDOLM@STER.

Works for KoeiEdit

Misawa has been credited for composing or arranging music tracks for the following titles (listed chronologically by game's first release date).

External LinksEdit

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