Yellow Robe Gentleman
Character Information
Bow and arrow
Mythological Information
Real name:
Huáng Páo
Chinese name:
Also known as:
Yellow Robe
Yellow Robe Demon
Yellow Robe Gentleman

Yellow Robe Gentleman (黄袍郎, onyomi: Kōhōrō) is a secondary antagonist in Saiyuki: Journey West. He fights Sanzo's party once in the entire game.

Role in GameEdit

Ko Horo is a taoist master who has a past history of being ostracized by other people for practicing "sorcery". Not accepted by humans in the slightest, King Taurus befriended him. Hearing of the strife the pilgrim causes him, Ko decides to capture Sanzo due to obligation of their friendship. He meets the monk personally at Cherchen, revealing himself to the main characters after he witnessed Sanzo's monster friends drive away a few bandits. Ko introduces himself and quickly dismisses their assumptions that he is another of Taurus's minions. To cause discord within Sanzo's party, Ko changes Sanzo into a tiger beast who mindlessly attacks his/her companions.

When beaten, he accepts his defeat and expects death from the victors. Goku demands he change the monk back to his/her human form, a wish Ko grants without complaint. He admits he is aware of Taurus's plans to devour Sanzo yet doesn't want to protest due to fear of losing his friend's trust. Sanzo honestly remarks he/she thinks a friend would stop their respected ones from doing harm rather than encourage it. The monk's words leave an impression on Ko, as he peacefully departs to contemplate them.


Though suave and composed, Ko is a man who believes in honoring his ties. When his actions are criticized as selfish by Sanzo's friends, he seems to have lost his former integrity. In retrospect, Kikka feels he is changing for the better.

Fighting StyleEdit

Ko primarily relies on magic to aid him against Sanzo's party. He can attack allies in a line with Spearthrust or choose to boost his defenses with Ironskin. Should his MP drain completely, he will merely shoot an arrow towards the party member with the lowest health. As such, he is an enemy who likes to keep his distance. Ko himself isn't too hard but be aware of Sanzo being out of commission for the battle as a healer. Tiger Sanzo needs to survive the battle even if he/she randomly attacks the party members. He/She can be hit by group attacks executed by the party, so be careful when aiming them.

The visible treasure box on the map contains the Emperor Band, a piece of rare equipment needed to obtain the optional Emperor Guardian later in the game.

Journey to the WestEdit

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