Yellow Turban Menace
Xu Province (DW4)
Date 184 AD
Location Nanyang, Jing Province (historically)
varies (games)
Result Han victory
Yellow Turbans Han
Zhang Liang Huangfu Song

The Yellow Turban Menace (黄巾賊撃退戦) details one of the first battles between the Yellow Turbans and the Han subjugation forces. Historically, Zhang Mancheng lead a massive army of rebels to take over Nanyang during the spring months in 184. After he killed the reigning governor, the Yellow Turbans became the de facto leaders of the area. Zhu Jun and his expeditionary forces were sent to expel them from the area, which took months of fierce fighting. Sun Jian, who was a general who served under Zhu Jun's command, obtained fame and glory for his feats in retaking Wancheng.

The battle's purpose within the Dynasty Warriors series is to focus on the Romance of the Three Kingdoms interpretation of another battle in which Zhang Liang demonstrated his magical prowess to bewilder the Han commanders.

Role in GamesEdit

Dynasty WarriorsEdit

In Dynasty Warriors 4, the battle takes place at Xia Pi Castle and appears within all of the three kingdoms' stories. Sun Jian starts at the east gate, while Cao Cao is at the west and Liu Bei to the South. Huangfu Song and his troops are in the castle. After a certain period of time, Zhang Liang summons a rainstorm to ambush Huangfu Song with his troops. Clearing the field of enemy troops triggers the Han forces to cross the northern river and attack the Yellow Turban's main camp. Zhang Man Cheng blocks the entrance along with fire geysers that Zhang Liang summons. Defeating Zhang Liang will end the battle.

Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce instead sets the battle at Wan Castle. Zhang Liang sets fire at the start of the stage, which gradually drains players' health as they progress. Unlike the former battle, victory can only be obtained once the player has wiped out every enemy officer. Zhang Liang casts additional fire magic to hurt his foes as they near him. When he loses half of his life, he activates his Fury form to increase his strength, speed, and defense. Since the fire will be extinguished as players defeat other enemy generals, it might be in their best interest to defeat them first before trying to target their commander.

Historical InformationEdit

Romance of the Three KingdomsEdit

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