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Yellow Wind Demon (黄風怪, onyomi: Kōfūkai) is a secondary antagonist in Saiyuki: Journey West and is Old Man Nyoi's right hand man.

Role in GameEdit

Windy awaits Sanzo's party at his home, Windy Peak. Upset to see the monk's friends speak ill will towards his master, the Were attacks them. Thanks to the rocky terrain, the monk's party avoids the blunt of Windy's wind magic. Although Goku tries to squeeze information about Taurus from him, a disgruntled Nyoi appears to rescue him. Windy is magically warped away by the hermit to safety.

The monk's final meeting with Windy is at Storm Mountain with Taurus's other minions. Windy escapes capture when they fail their last attempt at vengeance and is not mentioned in the story again.


Compared to Roku Jiko, Windy cares more about Nyoi's reputation and rushes to defend his honor. Even so, Windy wants recognition as a mighty Were. He gloats over his powers of wind manipulation, stating that he is entirely different from his other Were comrades.

Fighting StyleEdit

Until he runs out of magic points, Windy hits Sanzo's party with his powerful StunWind. It can cover the entire map in one direction and has a chance of stunning those in the whirlwind's path. The wind's damage is minimal, but it may pose a serious threat if there are other enemies on the field. While the first encounter gives players the chance to avoid the winds, the player has to use good judgment with Windy during the revenge battle at Storm Mountain. When his magic runs dry, however, he only has an average sword attack to defend himself. Carefully time when to attack him; he may be finished in a few turns if the stronger attackers of the party can reach him.

Journey to the WestEdit

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