This is a guide for unlocking Yoritada's story routes. Each game has a different method for unlocking his story which are noted below.

Harukanaru Toki no Naka de 2Edit

Before attempting this story, it might be prudent to coordinate the main character's birthday for best results.

Yoritada has two possible story routes depending on the story scenario that has been activated by the player at the start of the game. They are listed below for Yoritada:

Main story route How to unlock events Official name of personal route
Retired Emperor (院, in) Gather Heart Pieces Precious Love (大切な恋)
Emperor (帝, mikado) Maintain high bonds Love with Obstacles (障害のある恋)

Heart Pieces can be gathered by visiting Yoritada's favorite spots. They are listed in his infobox on his article. Bonds refer to the "Trust" (信じる, shinjiru, throughout the game) and "Thinking" (思う, omou, throughout the game) stats listed in his character profile. Each event must be successfully cleared to trigger the next consecutive event.

If everything is successfully completed, Yoritada will offer his service for the final battle. Choose him and defeat the Night Parade of One Hundred Demons.

After the battle there are two scenarios which can take place. The first option (right option) summons the dragon god. This unlocks the choice to remain in Kyou with him ("Kyou Ending") or to take him to the modern world ("Modern Ending"). The second option (left option) has Yoritada ask her to stay in the capital with him ("Kyou Ending" only). She may then choose to accept or refuse his offer.

Precious Love 1Edit

Chapter 1 ~ Chapter 4
September 20 ~ onwards (9/20 ~); early morning
Obtain first Heart Piece

(Uh oh. This doesn't look good. What should I say?)

  • (I think I'll leave it be.) -> Go to B
  • I know how you feel... I'm not that good with Yoritada either. -> Yoritada down; Go to A
    気持ちはわかる... 私も頼忠さん、苦手だもの
  • Please stop it! Can't we all get along? ->Yoritada + up; boost for all guardians; Go to B
    やめて、やめてください! 仲良くやりましょうよ

A: "You're going?"

  • But you went through all the trouble of coming here... -> Motomi up; Event failed
  • Sorry for making you uncomfortable. -> Motomi up; Event failed
  • Oh, okay. -> Event failed
    そうですか わかりました

B: (He seems pretty down...)

  • Let's move on to another topic.-> Yoritada up
    ...この話 もうやめにしましょう
  • Was I too nosy? -> Yoritada up
  • Why do you blame yourself so much?

"You mean we shouldn't go out anymore?"

  • Sure, anything you say. -> Event failed
    そうですね そうしましょう
  • Why? Why shouldn't we? -> Yoritada up; Success
    どうしてですか? なんでだめなんですか?
  • Please don't say that. Let's do this again! -> Yoritada up; Success

Precious Love 2Edit

Chapter 2 ~ Chapter 4
October 14 ~ onwards (10/14 ~); early morning
Obtain second Heart Piece

Go with Yoritada for a and increase. Select the third option at the start: "I'll go with you as you complete your job." (じゃあ頼忠さんの用事を済ませに行きましょう)

(Looks like he tried to come back as soon as he could.)

  • Well, you did have me waiting for a little bit. -> Yoritada up
  • You did... But you hurried back so I'm happy. -> Yoritada up
    ちょっとだけ... でも急いで戻ってきてくれて嬉しい
  • I'm fine. You didn't have me waiting for long. -> Yoritada + up
    大丈夫です そんなに待ってませんよ

Okay. Let's see, what type of job does a samurai have? Um...

  • If you want to, please tell me about it.
  • Is it something you can't speak to other people?
  • Being a samurai must be awesome.
  • If you don't want to answer, you don't have to. I'm sorry. -> Yoritada up
    答えにくいならいいです ごめんなさい

"So you carry a sword to protect your master. If you're trying to accomplish that then..."

  • It must be rough for you.
  • Blah, it must suck being a samurai. -> Event failed
  • You must have an important job.

"Please don't say you'll die that easily."

  • Why aren't you saying that you'll stay alive!? -> Yoritada + up; Success
  • I'll do everything in my power to ensure that will never happen. -> Yoritada + up; Success
    そんな状況にならないよう 頑張りましょう

Precious Love 3Edit

Chapter 3 only
November 12 ~ December 3 (11/12 ~ 12/3); early morning
Obtain third Heart Piece

"I guess it can't be helped if he can't enter through the main gate..."

  • Anyways, what should I do for the day? -> Go to A
  • I should ask why he can't. -> Go to B

A: "Should I go with Yoritada..."

  • Sure, let's go together today. -> Event failed
  • Nah, some other time. -> Event failed

B: (I wonder if I did something wrong. Maybe I should ask him.)

  • (But it's so hard to.)
  • (I should.) -> Yoritada + up

What's wrong, Yoritada!?

  • Please stop, Yoritada!
    やめてください 頼忠さん!
  • That person is really irritating! -> Yoritada + up

If (But it's so hard to.) and Please stop, Yoritada! is chosen, this option will appear:

Yoritada's impudence...

  • What do you mean by that?
  • Can't be helped if you have it.

If (But it's so hard to.) and That person is really irritating! is chosen, this option will appear:

Yoritada's sin!?

  • You don't have to say it if it's hard to say.
  • (I can't believe Yoritada committed a crime.)

"Yoritada... Did you really have a painful past?"

  • Don't talk about it if it's so hard on you.
  • I should have never gathered your Heart Pieces!

(He's so faraway...)

  • Please don't look at me like that. -> Success
  • I don't want us to drift apart... -> Success
  • Why are you being so distant with me? -> Success

Precious Love 4Edit

Chapter 4 only
November 12 ~ December 3 (11/12 ~ 12/3); early morning
Obtain fourth Heart Piece + over 4 + 4 in profile

On the first option, choose to wake up.

(He said he had to purify himself. His voice sounded a little strained...)
(頼忠さんは、清め... がどうのって言ってた。少しつらそうな声で...)

  • (Sorry, Yukarihime. I'm going to look for him.)
  • (I'll wait for Yukarihime to explain and then go after him.)
  • (... I'm staying put. I probably can't do anything anyways.) -> Event failed
    (...何もしないでおこう どうにもできないもの)

(There he is!)
(いた! 頼忠さんだ!)

  • I'll call out to him.
  • (Maybe I'm being a bother... I should go back.) -> Go to A
    (邪魔しちゃいけない... やっぱり帰ろう)

A: (Is it really okay? Should I pretend I didn't see anything and not ask him?)

  • (I should at least ask him why he's here.)
  • (...I'm not asking. I give up.) -> Event failed
    (...やっぱり聞けないよ あきらめよう)

"Don't say that!"

  • I'm not hurt so please stop torturing yourself! -> Go to B
    私は傷つかない だから苦しまないで!
  • If it'll help you, I'm not afraid of being hurt! -> Go to C
  • You're wrong... I'm the one who hurt you. -> Go to D

D: "I'm the one who let you suffer."

  • Your pain is proof that you protect people. -> Go to B2
  • Don't suffer for my sake. -> Go to B2

B: "Please don't say you don't know the reason for living."

  • I don't get that. So don't blame yourself. -> Go to B2
    そんなの私もわからない だから自分を責めないで
  • You being alive is what makes me happy. -> Go to B2

B2: I think you have always been rough on yourself.

  • Your defilements are sure to disappear. -> Success
  • You're free. You don't have to do this to yourself. -> Success
    あなたはもう自由だよ 自分を責めなくていいの...

C: "Who cares if it hurts!?"

  • You're innocent. You did the right thing. -> Go to C2
    あなたに罪なんかない 正しかったんだと思う
  • Your sin is my sin! -> Go to C3

C2: "You think you killed your master, so maybe you have sinned. But..."
頼忠さんは、お師匠様を殺したと思っているし 罪があると思っているけど

  • I don't think you killed him. -> Success
  • I want you to live, even if you did commit a sin. -> Success
    たとえ罪があっても あなたに生きてほしい
  • Your defilements are sure to disappear. -> Success

C3: "You've beat yourself about this yet..."

  • I want you to live, even if you did commit a sin. -> Success
    たとえ罪があっても あなたに生きてほしい
  • Your defilements are sure to disappear. -> Success

Love with Obstacles 1Edit

Chapter 2 ~ Chapter 4
October 14 ~ onwards (10/14 ~); early morning
Accumulate 1.5 + 1 in profile

"You want to hear about my world?"

  • Sure, let's talk for today. -> Go to B
  • I don't wanna. Let's go out instead. -> Go to A
    話すことないなぁ 京に出かけたいし

A: Hmm, I don't know. Going out with Yoritada...

  • Okay, fair enough. -> Event failed
  • No thanks. -> Event failed

B: (Okay, he brought me here to Touji and hasn't said anything... Is he mad at me?)
(東寺に来たのはいいけど、黙ってるし... 怒ってるのかな?)

  • I'm sorry for Misono's rudeness.
  • Are you really a spy?

"What do I do everyday? Let's see..."

  • I hang out with my friends.
  • I go to school everyday and study. I take tests sometimes too.
    毎日学校で勉強です 試験もあるし

(But why is he asking about this?)

  • (I'm sure he wants to understand me so we can get along better.) -> Yoritada up
  • You don't really look all that interested. -> Event failed
    本当は頼忠さん あんまり興味なさそうです
  • You want to know because you're a spy, right? -> Yoritada + up

The third option is only available if Are you really a spy? is chosen.

(What does he mean when he says he doesn't want to commit more sins?)

  • No way. When are you going to believe me? -> Yoritada up; Success
    ...許せないです いつ私を信じてくれるの?
  • It's okay. I forgive you. -> Yoritada up; Success
    ...わかりました あなたを許します

Love with Obstacles 2Edit

Chapter 3 ~ Chapter 4
November 12 ~ onwards (11/12 ~); early morning
Accumulate 3 + 2.5 in profile

(What should I do? He said he wants me to scold him...)

  • (Uh, I'm clueless...What now?)
  • How should I do it?
  • ..."You're a meanie!" -> Yoritada up

"My favorite spot?"

  • Anyways, let's save the capital! -> Yoritada up; Event failed
  • No, that's all right. Leave me alone. -> Event failed
    いえ、いいです もうほっといてください
  • I want to go where Yoritada wants to go.

"So you're trying to keep your distance."

  • That means we probably shouldn't be alone like this. -> Event failed
  • Did I do something wrong? Can I make up for it?
    私、何か悪いことでも? なれなれしかったですか?
  • Why? Please tell me why.
    どうしてそんなことを? 理由を聞かせてください

(I can't be near him. That can't be...)

  • No one said it has to be this way!
    そんなこと 誰も言ってないです!
  • No one said it has to be this way...
    そんなこと 誰も言ってないです...
  • No one said it has to be this way.
    そんなこと 誰も言ってないです

While the responses are all the same, the protagonist's facial expression changes between each quote. Since they all lead to a successful ending, the player can pick the one which seems the most agreeable to them.

Love with Obstacles 3Edit

Chapter 4
October 14 ~ onwards (10/14 ~); night (perform three activities in the capital)
Accumulate 4.5 + 4 in profile

"Where are we going now?"

  • I'm sorry, I'm tired. -> Event failed
    ごめんなさい 疲れているんです
  • What's the matter? -> Go to A
  • Okay, let's go.-> Yoritada up; Go to B
    いいですよ 出かけましょう

A:(...Maybe he doesn't want to say it?)

  • You don't have to say it. It's fine. -> Event failed
  • ...Is it something hard to say?
  • Is it hard to say here?

B:"You're not worthy of being a samurai?"

  • ...That's a problem when you say it like that. -> Event failed
  • Why do you think that?
  • No bloody way!

"Stop it! Don't say another word!"

  • There's no way you can be unworthy! -> Go to C
    ふさわしくないなんて そんなことない!
  • I like you so don't deny these feelings! -> Go to D

C:"You mean until now you weren't able to declare your loyalty to me?"

  • I don't need your loyalty. I want to know your real feelings. -> Go to D
    忠誠なんていらない 本当の気持ちだけがほしい
  • But until now you've been saying you would follow me. -> Go to D


  • Yoritada...
  • Yoritada...

Different facial expressions for the same quote. Choosing either one successfully clears the event.

Miscellaneous DataEdit

Collecting these objects and events are not entirely necessary for earning his ending, but they help boost his intimacy ratings with the protagonist.

Favorite items

These items can be used for inviting Yoritada for Abstinence events. The more items the player uses, the more they will earn. This list shows where the player can find them.

Autumn flower -> Funaoka-yama (船岡山, Mount Funaoka)
Winter flower -> Fushimi Inari (伏見稲荷)
Colored paper -> Houshou-ji (法勝寺, Houshou Shrine)
Scent -> Tadatsu no Mori (糺の森, Tadatsu Forest)
Follow up events

These events are trigged if romance events are successfully cleared. They can be done by revisiting the places the romance event took place with Yoritada in the main party.

Chances to earn extra + with Yoritada are available in each event. The player can earn also earn new unique cheers for Yoritada in battle; the quote will always be positive to use. These events can be done before the player triggers another romance event.

Precious Love 2 -> Nonomiya (野宮, Nono Temple)
Precious Love 3 -> Fushimi Inari (伏見稲荷)
Love with Obstacles 1 -> Touji (東寺)
Love with Obstacles 2 -> Ootoyo Jinja (大豊神社, Ootoyo Temple)

The player can also revisit Yoritada's favorite spots while he is in the main party for an automatic boost. They are listed in his infobox in his article.

Encounter event

If Yoritada is not within the main party, the player has a random chance of encountering him as they wander the capital. Early opportunity to earn + with Yoritada.

Chapter 2 -> Izumi-dono (泉殿)
Chapter 3 -> Kaiko no Yashiro (蚕ノ社, Kaiko Shrine)

Harukanaru Toki no Naka de Yume no UkihashiEdit

If Karin is the main protagonist, he has three Romance Events available. Any other protagonist triggers his Friendship Event. These events can be viewed again in the Bonus section. Bonds in this game are symbolized by .

The player can find these events by tracing the pink highlights on the world map (Square on the over world screen). Yoritada's events will be on the eastern sections of the map. His audio file plays if the player selects his dream.

Karin can choose Yoritada to escort her after the final battle by completing his three dreams. In Special, completing Yoritada and Hisui's Romance Events are needed to unlock their twin ending. Visit Nandou Xingjun's Manor to trigger the necessary event.

Romance Event 1Edit

Karin only.
★★ in profile.

"An exorcism?" (DS version exclusive)

  • Another form of protection then. -> up
  • So I can avoid vengeful spirits for a time? -> ★★ up
  • Not interested. -> Event failed

"Yoritada..." (Special version)

  • Please don't worry about it.
  • Why are you apologizing?
  • I should be the one to apologize.

Romance Event 2Edit

★★★★ in profile.

"Yoritada, you're sounding a bit iffy about this..." (DS version exclusive)
頼忠さんの言葉 なんだか歯切れが悪いけど...

  • Is there a reason you don't want to go?
  • (Must be my imagination.)


  • Let's grant this person's wish. -> ★★ up
  • (I'll wait for his answer.) -> up
  • We have enough time for that. -> up

Romance Event 3Edit

★★★★★★★ in profile.

"Why don't you say anything?"

  • Do you not remember? -> up
  • Why not say it? -> ★★ up

Friendship EventEdit

Akane or Nozomi only.
★★ in profile.


  • I understand your regrets. -> up
  • What does your master want? -> ★★ up
  • Let's devote ourselves to saving the priestesses. -> up

Build ★★★★ in his profile for a special farewell message in the game's ending.

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