Yoshikata Rokkaku
Yoshikata Rokkaku (NAIT)
Character Information
Clan(s)/Alliance(s): Rokkaku
Weapon Type:
Unit Type: Wise
Significant Battle(s):
First Appearance: Samurai Warriors 2
Historical Information
Real name:
Rokkaku Yoshikata
Japanese name:
六角 義賢
April 19, 1598

Yoshikata Rokkaku is a daimyo from Omi who opposed Nobunaga Oda. A skilled archer, he spent the remainder of his life as a monk while supporting his clan.

Role in GamesEdit

Yoshikata appears in 's second story battle as the culprit behind a village raid to undermine Nobunaga's rule.

In Game Nihonshi Kakumeiji ~Oda Nobunaga~, he is one of the many enemy officers the player must defeat during one of Nobunaga's earlier campaigns.

Live Action PerformersEdit


  • "To be aware of our strategy, you're a fine warrior indeed!"
"This is your strategy? You aren't very bright, are you?"
~~Yoshikata and Nō; Samurai Warriors 2

Historical InformationEdit

Born to Rokkaku Sadayori, Yoshikata was one of the many warlords who fought for control over Kyoto. He supported Hosokawa Harumoto's conflict with Miyoshi Nagayoshi in 1549, though their feud ended when the tide turned against them. Ten years later, he abdicated his position as clan head in favor of becoming a Buddhist monk. Though he had taken the name of Shōtei, he still held joint authority over the Rokkaku with his son Yoshiharu.

This change in leadership paved the way for more challenges and failures. At the Battle of Norada, the Rokkaku suffered heavy losses from the previously subjugated Azai who were now led by Nagamasa. Both Shōtei and Yoshiharu also experienced a brief insurgence caused by their execution of Gotō Katatoyo who had committed murder in Kannonji Castle. Although the pair were forced to flee from their vassals, it is thanks to the Gamō's intercession that they were able to return safely.

In 1567, the Rokkaku tried to use their influence to impose restrictions on rival daimyos and even rebuffed Nobunaga's request for safe passage to the capital; the Oda army simply pushed the clan aside and forced them to flee from Kannonji. Forced to settle in Kōka, Shōtei and Yoshiharu resorted to guerrilla tactics in order to regain their lost power.

Their efforts to invade Chomyoji failed due to Shibata Katsuie's defense of the region. Captured and imprisoned in Ishibe Castle, Shōtei escaped four years later, fleeing to Shigaraki for refuge. He then aided the Honganji Rioters to spite Nobunaga, though the warlord spared him in 1570 and even allowed the former daimyo to return to Omi to live out his life there.

While Yoshikata was a somewhat competent leader, he possessed even greater skill in archery due to having been taught by Yoshida Shigemasa. He also had great proficiency in cavalry warfare and even started his own school of martial arts called the Sasaki-ryū.