Yoshimasa Kiso
Kiso Yoshimasa
Character Information
Clan(s)/Alliance(s): Kiso
Unit Type:
Significant Battle(s):
First Appearance: Samurai Warriors 2
Historical Information
Real name:
Kiso Yoshimasa
Japanese name:
木曾 義昌
April 26, 1595

Yoshimasa Kiso is a Takeda general who is among the many who were displeased with Katsuyori's actions after Shingen's death. Convinced by Ieyasu, he chose to leave his roots and join forces with the Oda.

Role in GamesEdit

The Samurai Warriors series has Yoshimasa first seen in Samurai Warriors 2 as an officer under Shingen. During Nobunaga and 's stories, Yoshimasa, Nobukimi Anayama, and Nobushige Oyamada defect to the Oda clan to end the Takeda bloodline. If Kiso or his two defected compatriots are killed, the morale of the Oda Coalition would plummet. In Samurai Warriors 3 however, Yoshimasa remains loyal to his Takeda superiors. He also serves the undermanned Hojo during Kai's story in the struggle for Kai province, but defects to the Tokugawa forces due to their superior numbers; a mission is issued to defeat him and Hanzō.


Historical InformationEdit


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