Yoshino (吉乃) is an original character who is introduced in Kessen III. A girl of common origin, she is infatuated with Nobunaga. Her name is modeled after the concubine Kitsuno. Gracia's second costume in Warriors Orochi 2 is based on her.

Role in GameEdit

Yoshino was born with a unique gift to predict and read the weather. Since she was the only one in her village with this ability, she spent the majority of her youth feeling isolated. Before Nobunaga fights Yoshimoto, Tokichiro finds her and immediately introduces her to Nobunaga. She continues to foretell the weather prior to his climatic battles, such as Okehazama, Nagashino and others. At one point, she reveals her childhood to Nobunaga. He responds that she is no longer alone with him, which gains her admiration.

Soon after Mitsuhide joins, she spots him embracing Kicho and suspects betrayal in the Oda army. She particularly distrusts Kicho -most likely also fueled by jealously- and openly accuses her on various occasions to the Oda generals, whom don't believe her. After the Incident of Honnoji, she realizes her error and apologizes to Kicho late in the game. She stays with the Oda troops until the end of the game. Years after Nobunaga suppresses the Spanish army, she becomes a nun and pays her mutual respects to Mitsuhide's grave.

Voice ActorsEdit


  • "You too... You only wanted the love of the person you loved. Right, Mitsuhide?"

Fighting StyleEdit

As far as fighting goes, she is the Priest type. She usually cannot take on armies by herself too well but she can act as an dependable support unit. Yoshino works well with bow units and can recover spells quickly.

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