This is a list of commonly heard quotes from Yoshitsugu Ōtani.

Samurai Warriors 4Edit

  • "時の流れには逆らえぬ" ("Tokinonagare ni wa sakaraenu" - "I can not go against the flow of time."
  • "頃合いか" - "Is it correct?"
  • "片をつけよう" ("Kata o tsukeyou" - "Time to set the pieces."
  • "頃合いか" - "I see right through you."
  • "これが流れだ" - "This is the flow."
  • "I'm simply going with the flow."
  • "Victory is mine."
  • "The tides have turned in my favor."
  • "This is also part of the flow. I can't resist it."
  • "I'm sorry for all the trouble."
  • "Ah, how brave you are!"
  • "These kind of things happen during a battle."
  • "I hope you never become my enemy, Takatora."
  • "Mitsunari, no one can match your skills."


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