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This is a list of commonly heard quotes from Yoshitsune Minamoto.

Warriors Orochi 2Edit

  • "Alright everyone! Listen up!"
  • "Minamoto!"
  • "Watch this!"
  • "For the Minamoto!"
  • "See that?!"
  • "What?!"
  • "Farewell!"
  • "In the name of the Minamoto!"
  • "Leave it to me!"
  • "Another falls to the Minamoto!"
  • "I am a true warrior of legend!"
  • "Your name shall go down in legend!"
  • "Incredible! The epitome of a warrior!"
  • "Such skill!"
  • "That's it! Now push harder!"
  • "Well done!"
  • "A warrior cannot retreat."
  • "My thanks for your aid!"
  • "My thanks!"
  • "I am Yoshitsune Minamoto! Fight me!"
  • "I have brought dishonor to my name!"
  • "Me... lose...?"
  • "This is a man who has faced his demons."
  • "He fights like he's possessed."
  • "I do not need your aid!"
  • "You are truly a fighter worthy of legends."
  • "You surprise me yet again, Ranmaru!"
  • "Ranmaru, I request your aid!"
  • "You are a true Dynasty Warrior!"
  • "This tiger is truly fierce!"
  • "Sun Jian! You come at a good time!"
  • "The brother of Sun Quan is a true Dynasty Warrior!"
  • "The brother of Sun Quan is a notable fighter!"
  • "Oh! Brother of Sun Quan! Welcome!"
  • "Kiyomori! It is time for you to die!"
  • "Someday, I shall defeat you!"
  • "Can I not even avenge my family..."
  • "Let us see if you are truly ready!"
  • "Well done. I had thought you weaker."
  • "Fear not. You are a true warrior."
  • "The One-Eyed Dragon? What impudence."
  • "Masamune Date? I shall not forget that name."
  • "Well fought, young warrior..."
  • "Women should not take to the battlefield!"
  • "I do not fight women!"
  • "But she's just a woman..."

Warriors Orochi 2 PSPEdit

  • "Benkei, you are one of the greatest warriors of all time!"
  • "Benkei, your deeds will bring great honor to our clan!"
  • "What took you so long, Benkei? Now follow me!"
  • "Benkei! You would turn your weapon against me?"
  • "I see your skills have improved since we last met..."
  • "If I cannot defeat even you, then perhaps this is for the best..."

Warriors Orochi 3Edit

  • "I am the one known as Yoshitsune!"
  • "Raise the victory banners! Hey, hey, hooooo!"
  • "Listen up, everyone: Yoshitsune has arrived!"
  • "I must not let this victory go to my head."
  • "My name will echo around this astral plane!"
  • "This is for you. I'm sure you'll get at least some use out of it."
  • "Well done!"
  • "What a travesty!"
  • "In the last battle, I defeated uncounted enemy soldiers! Now, the entire land will know the might of the Minamoto!"
  • "Lately, I am proud to have been asked to fight often. I long for nothing more than to prove myself in battle!"
  • "In the last battle, I didn't perform very well. I have brought shame to my family's reputation."
  • "This party's great! I'm really starting to get into it! If I play my flute, does anybody out there want to dance?"
  • "Another falls to the Minamoto!"
  • "Let the whole world bear witness to the pride of Minamoto, mightiest warrior in Japan!"
  • "You stand as mightiest warrior, unparalleled in history!"
  • "Benkei! Your might is unparalleled in history! Pinnacle of the warrior's form! I stand humbled before you!"
  • "Masanori Fukushima, welcome! The force of your spirit is unparalleled in history!"
  • "Such beauty, such style...! You perform unparalleled feats of battle, with the grace of a dancing girl!"
  • "They say that Lu Bu stands apart, and now I see why!"
  • "To retreat here would shame me as a warrior!"
  • "I expected no less from this strange world. To both of me then, I say now - prepare yourself!"
  • "You fight very well!"
  • "Oh, you're good!"
  • "My deepest thanks!"
  • "Thank you for your assistance."
  • "Yoshitsune Minamoto stands before you!"
  • "How could I be beaten in battle...?"
  • "Benkei, you just keep getting stronger!"
  • "You've come, Benkei!"
  • "Sounds like Masanori Fukushima in action."
  • "My thanks, Masanori Fukushima!"
  • "Y-You've got some skill."
  • "Wah! P-P-Put some clothes on, please!"
  • "What incredible feats... I am transfixed!"
  • "Lu Bu, my apologies."
  • "You fight well! I'm glad to be able to fight alongside you!"
  • "Wow, you're good! You'll make an impressive warrior, with continued training."
  • "My deepest thanks for your support! Now, let us push this rabble back!"
  • "My thanks! With you at my side I can remain calm and concentrate on fighting."
  • "Yoshitsune Minamoto stands before you! I shall steel my heart and take you down!"
  • "What? How did that happen...? Has mercy clouded my warrior's instinct...?"
  • "You just keep getting stronger, don't you, Benkei?! I'm blessed to have a retainer like you!"
  • "You've come, Benkei! Things are always better with you by my side."
  • "Sounds like Masanori Fukushima is making a name for himself. He certainly knows how to fight!"
  • "My thanks, Masanori Fukushima! I'll gratefully accept your warrior's mercy!"
  • "Y-You've got some skill, certainly. I wish you would cover yourself up a little more, though."
  • "My thanks for... ah! P-P-Put some clothes on, please! I can't even thank you properly!"
  • "What incredible feats... I am transfixed! Truly transfixed by the fighting of Lu Bu!"
  • "Lu Bu, my apologies. I'm sure this makes you think less of me..."
  • "Winning for me means being better than my allies. However, I cannot imagine surpassing you."
  • "An impressive display! Seeing one I favor fight so well pleases me, too!"
  • "That you would lend your own hand to aid me... There is no greater honor!"
  • "Sorry if I made you worry... I shall be more careful in the future, for your sake."
  • "No need for introductions between us! Let's settle this!"
  • "There is no shame in defeat! Until we meet again in battle!"
  • "Well done, Benkei! You are my mightiest retainer!"
  • "You've come, Benkei! With you by my side I need only look forward!"
  • "Don't just rush in and get torn apart! I'll miss you if you get yourself killed!"
  • "You're a little like Benkei... because you always show up when I'm in danger."
  • "Beautiful, and strong... Ah, no, my gaze lingers...!"
  • "My... my thanks. Once you get used to your clothing, it's actually quite... appealing, isn't it."
  • "A god in battle, nothing less. I want to get as close to you as I can..."
  • "Lu Bu, I'm not finished yet! Fight alongside me until this is done!"
  • "Behold! Yoshitsune Minamoto is here!"
  • "Well done... But this battle's not over yet!"
  • "No warrior would turn his back on a fight! Now you will see how a true Minamoto fights!"
  • "Benkei, how about a rematch of our fight on the Gojō Bridge!"
  • "Excellent form, Benkei! I can tell you've been working hard!"
  • "I won't let you have this weapon! Now the real fight begins!"
  • "Masanori Fukushima! Our battle begins now!"
  • "You speak more strangely than anyone I've met... But your fighting spirit is pure."
  • "You need not say anything else, Masanori Fukushima. The spirit that burns within you says it all!"
  • "If I win, promise me you'll stop wearing that ridiculous outfit."
  • "I-I don't know where to look... What do I do...?"
  • "No more distractions, no more earthly desires... I shall fight you with a clear mind and a pure heart!"
  • "Long have I awaited this rematch, Lu Bu!"
  • "You still strike harder and faster than any other warrior I know, Lu Bu..."
  • "Even if it's but a single strike, I will show you the power of a Minamoto warrior!"
  • "I accept this duel upon my pride as a warrior of the Minamoto!"
  • "I will follow you to the ends of the earth!"
  • "You'll need to move much more quickly to catch me!"
  • "I refuse to help you!"
  • "Very well. Come, and I shall destroy you!"
  • "Lord Yorimitsu, please... Give me the power to defeat this demon!"
  • "I don't know about your skill, but I fear I will not be able to forget your appearance easily."

Harukanaru Toki no Naka de 3Edit

Harukanaru Toki no Naka de 3 IzayoikiEdit

Harukanaru Toki no Naka de 3 Unmei no LabyrinthEdit

Harukanaru Toki no Naka de Yume no UkihashiEdit

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