You Ji
You Ji - Bladestorm
Character Information
Faction: France
Unit Type:
Chinese archer
Weapon Type: Heavy crossbow
Significant Battle(s):
Battle of the Loire
Battle of Formigny
Request Mission(s):
On the Trail of a Lie
Voice Actors:
Toshio Kobayashi (JP)
Original character.

You Ji (ヨウジィ) is a character featured in Bladestorm: The Hundred Years' War. He is Arthur de Richemont's assistant and bodyguard.

Role in GameEdit

You Ji comes from what is referred to in the game as the Orient, more likely China. After becoming concerned of some of the French nobles' jealousy of his master, You Ji enlists the player's help to find a messenger carrying a suspicious note.

Once the player captures the mercenary carrying the message, the mercenary willingly hands it over to You Ji. Within the message, he uncovers a plot to ruin Arthur's character. During the French Army's campaign in retaking Paris, You Ji attempts to convince the king of his lord's innocence only to be dissuaded by the latter who merely accepts his "punishment".

Character InformationEdit


You Ji is usually a quiet individual but is sternly loyal to Arthur. He gladly risks his life to save de Richemont's honor and position within the ranks of the King.


  • "The enemies of Lord de Richemont deserve no mercy!"
  • "Your skills are sadly lacking."
  • "Thank you... thank you for your help."
  • "You fight with courage!"
  • "I swear to do my utmost for Lord de Richemont!"
  • "You should not have underestimated me."
  • "Lord de Richemont... Forgive me."
  • "I grow stronger with each foe that falls!"
  • "I have taken this position!"
  • "Crush them! Now!"
  • "We shall not be defeated!"
  • "My Lord de Richemont speaks true. I will vouch for him... long have I stood beside the man."


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