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This is a list of commonly heard quotes from Yu Jin.

Dyansty Warriors 8: Xtreme LegendsEdit

  • "I will punish all those who disobey the law."
  • "There is no where to run!"
  • "Prepare for execution!"
  • "Face your punishment!"
  • "I show no mercy!"
  • "I will eliminate the enemy!"
  • "Prepare yourself! This is the end!"
  • "I will dispose of you! You will not escape!"
  • "You will die!"
  • "Impudent scum!"
  • "This is the fate of all who oppose me."
  • "Order must be maintained on the battlefield at all times."
  • "We must find a way to overcome this situation."
  • "Remaining true to one's principles is the path to victory."
  • "This defeat is going to weigh heavily on my mind."
  • "The enemy managed to catch me unaware."
  • "It takes more than that to get the jump on me."
  • "This is a rather sever situation..."
  • "I suppose this is to be my destiny..."
  • "I have conquered this area."
  • "Now! Attack the enemy without remorse!"
  • "Defend this place or face execution."
  • "That officer is acting rather suspiciously. I shall deal with this situation myself."
  • "It will set a bad example if we are late. We must get moving as well."
  • "Our orders are to capture that strategic location. I want our formation to be in perfect order."
  • "You are a True Warrior of the Three Kingdoms."
  • "Your efforts are a model for us all."
  • "I have no excuses for my performance. You may go ahead and leave me to fend for myself."
  • "Continue working hard to set a good example for everyone else."
  • "My struggles here are of my own doing. I accept that, even if I did not receive help."
  • "Pang De, you are a True Warrior of the Three Kingdoms."
  • "Pang De, the path of the warrior is one of righteousness. Continue on."
  • "I have nobody to blame but myself for this situation, Pang De."
  • "You are not going to like the outcome of this encounter."
  • "You are foolish for charging ahead like this. If you were under my command, I would have you executed."
  • "How could I let them surprise me like this..."
  • "It seems fate deemed me necessary of punishment..."

Ambition ModeEdit

  • "I am ready to engage in even the harshest battles."
  • "I will eliminate anyone who would try to bring chaos to the land."
  • "I shall protect you by any means possible."
  • "You must carry yourself with the highest of standards if you summon me."
  • "You are no good to anybody if you are dead. Hurry and recover from your wounds."
  • "It is not as if I do not have a heart when I see somebody hurt like this."
  • "Wait a moment. There is something I wish to tell you."
  • "Wait. I need to speak to you in regards to something."
  • "I appreciate your assistance. I will be sure to repay you on the battlefield."
  • "You did well. I shall remember your performance."
  • "I will not let you pass here. You are better off accepting that fact and leaving."
  • "My strategies are not designed to show the enemy any mercy."
  • "I do not show any mercy. Know that if you wish to stand against me."
  • "Now that I am here to join the battle, I want everyone to remain focused!"
  • "Do not allow yourself to relax, since the smallest of openings is all the enemy needs."
  • "It is important to remain strict with the troops. That is my duty here."
  • "As the loser of this battle, my life is yours to do with as you see fit."
  • "The loser has no choice but to follow the victor. You may do with me as you please."
  • "If my role dictates that I must turn my blade on Master Cao Cao, then so be it."
  • "Master Cao Cao, I am fine with this result..."

Kessen IIEdit

  • "You're simply not my type."

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