This aims to list the officers in Yuan Shao's army during the Later Han Dynasty of China. Born with a noble heritage, Yuan Shao primarily controlled the lands north of Cao Cao. When various regional lords decide to pursue their own ambitions, he sought the north eastern parts of the land for himself. After he defeated Gongsun Zan, he ruled one of the largest sections of the land. He clashed with Cao Cao's army within the central plains at Guandu and at his home in Hebei.

After Yuan Shao's death, there was much debate over his successor as well as a split of forces between his three sons. Yuan Shao personally wanted his youngest, Yuan Shang, to succeed, yet Yuan Tan opposed it as the elder son and the bonds between the family were torn apart.

His forces wear yellow and are often larger in number than any other army in the games. In Dynasty Warriors: Online, Yuan Shao's army is also symbolized by a boar.





  • Lady Liu - Wife of Yuan Shao and mother of Yuan Shang.
  • Zhen Luo - Called in fiction "Zhen Ji" and would later be historically dubbed "Empress Zhen". Yuan Xi's wife, later marrying Cao Pi.

Fictional CharactersEdit

  • Gui Yuanjin - Possibly fictional. Appeared in chapter 30 of the novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms, securing grain for Yuan Shao's main army at the battle of Guandu. Was killed in a raid directed by Cao Cao.




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