This aims to list the officers in Yuan Shu's army during the Later Han Dynasty of China. Once he obtains the Imperial Seal from Sun Ce, he proclaims himself the emperor, which causes an uproar with the other regional lords. Through a marriage with Lu Bu's daughter, he becomes allies with Lu Bu and may assist him at Xiapi.

Dynasty Warriors decks Yuan Shu's men in yellow, similar to Yuan Shao. In Romance of the Three Kingdoms, Yuan Shu's forces are represented by the color light pink.





  • Lady Feng - One of Yuan Shu's mistresses. Jealous of her beauty, the other concubines convinced Lady Feng to feign tears in attempt to drive a wedge between her and Yuan Shu. When their plan backfired, they strangled her and made it look like a suicide. Yuan Shu regretted not making her his wife after this incident.





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