Yufuluo (ROTK12)
Character Information
Force(s): Xiongnu
Weapon Type: Spear (6)
Great sword (8)
Unit Type: Warrior (6, 8)
First Appearance: Dynasty Warriors 6
Historical Information
Real name:
Chinese name:
於夫羅 - 於夫罗
Style name:
Chinese name:
Has conflicting birth dates, ranging from 150 to 155. May have died in 196.

Yufuluo (onyomi: Ofura) is one of the Xiongnu chieftains. He allied with the Black Mountain Bandits to rebel against Yuan Shao.

Role in GamesEdit

Yufuluo is a minor general in Dynasty Warriors. The sixth title depicts him as a Yellow Turban officer, who fights the Han forces during their rebellion. During Lu Bu's Musou Mode, he accompanies his resurrected master to oppose Lu Bu at Mt. Ding Jun. Yufuluo returns in Dynasty Warriors 8 in Ambition Mode. Xtreme Legends has him further appear at Changshan, where he opposes Yuan Shao and Lu Bu.

Yufuluo is often a special officer in Romance of the Three Kingdoms. Some games allow him to be recruited as a playable officer by the player, but he mostly appears as a NPC. In Sangokushi 12, he is the leader of the Xiongnu tribes who may attack most cities in the Central Plains until his death.

Historical InformationEdit

Yufuluo was the son of Southern Xiongnu chieftain Qiangqu. During the reign of Qiangqu, the Southern Xiongnu were subservient to the Han and Qiangqu often sent troops to serve in the Imperial Army. Several Xiongnu officers despised Qiangqu for this and in 188, Qiangqu was assassinated. The Xiongnu set up a high-ranking nobleman as their new chieftain and Yufuluo requested support from the Han court to fight the rebels, but he did not receive any reinforcements and was forced into exile within Han territory. Emperor Ling died in 189 and a power struggle between He Jin and the eunuchs began. Yuan Shao led his armies to Henei and he was joined by Yufuluo and Zhang Yang, an official from Bing Province. However, Yufuluo and Zhang Yang were not satisfied with Yuan Shao and allied with each other to fight him, but they were unsuccessful.

In 192, Yufuluo joined forces with the Black Mountain Bandit leader Sui Gu and fought Yuan Shao's ally Cao Cao. They were defeated and their forces weakened. As a result, Yufuluo decided to ally with Yuan Shu, an enemy of both Yuan Shao and Cao Cao. Yuan Shu was defeated at Chenliu by Cao Cao and fled to Fengqiu. Yufuluo and some Black Mountain Bandits reinforced Yuan Shu, but they could not gain victory. Yuan Shu was defeated by Cao Cao again and was forced to relocate to Shouchun. Yufuluo withdrew his forces as well and relocated to Pingyang county in Bing Province. Around 195, Yufuluo died and his troops joined his brother Huchuquan, who had become the official Xiongnu chieftain. Many years later, Yufuluo's son Liu Bao would replace Huchuquan as the Xiongnu chieftain and Yufuluo's grandson Liu Yuan would eventually create the Han Zhao Dynasty and fight the Jin Dynasty.