Gackt and Hisashi Koinuma autograph commemorating collaboration.

ZAN (斬〜ZAN〜) is one of the songs created and performed by Japanese vocalist, Gackt. It is available on his thirty-sixth single, Setsugekka -The end of silence-/ZAN, which was partially made to celebrate ten successful years of his solo career, and his eighth album LAST MOON.

This song's title translates to "Cut"; ZAN is one of its archaic onyomi readings and Gackt's preference for the kanji's pronunciation in this song.

Hisashi Koinuma personally approached Gackt to create the image songs for Samurai Warriors 3. He wanted someone who had experience working with the Warring States setting and remembered the musician for his acting in Fuurin Kazan as Kenshin Uesugi. Koinuma believes the artist's personal interest for the time era makes him a perfect match for Samurai Warriors. The producer hopes players feel a deep emotional impact when they hear the songs for the characters' endings.

Gackt commented that the songs have an upbeat, theatrical feel to them to naturally fit the game's action and tone. He said that the intense yet sorrowful lyrics found in both songs embodies the setting's drama. Since ZAN is the game's main image song, he wanted it to express the romanticism and thoughts of men fighting for their worth in war. The lyrics and varying pitches were purposely done to fit these themes. Gackt joked that it would be difficult to replicate its performance in karaoke bars.

Gackt performed the songs live at Koei and Fuji TV's stage event, Sengoku Bushou Matsuri. His performance and reprisal of his Kenshin attire was one of the most covered celebrity appearances with the Japanese mass media.


Vocals: Gackt C, chachamaru
Lyrics, Composition, Arrangement: Gackt C
Arrangement: chachamaru
Dears label


The song's title is shouted between verses but they aren't noted in the lyrics below.

サヨナラ 愛しい君よ

yubisaki ni kureta numkumori mo
ima wa tada tsuioku ni kiete
nemurenai yoru wa otozure
ayamachi no yoake ni obieru
ima mo kimi dake ni wa
wakare no kotoba wa todoketakunai
jigoku no hate ni
shi ni bashou wo sagashite
kegareta yami wo koete kaze yo mae
chigireta hana wa akaku
kuchi haterumade
iki wa tae...
tada naki kuzureta
so no hitomi ga mirai wo egaita
fushokushita tsubasa wo hirogete
hohoemu boku ga ita
kegareta yami ni takaku mai-agare
chigireta tsubasa hiroge
kuchi haterumade
hito no chi wo baihite sakeru
nubatama no yoru ni kurenai no hana
amefuredo tsuki wa kurezu
yume ni zo mitsuru kimi ga sugata wo
suimen ni kaeru tsuki no youni
kitto anata ni aerukara
kegareta yami wo koete kaze yo mae
chigireta hana wa akaku
miageta sora wa aoku, yasuraka de...
sayonara itoshii kimi yo
namida wa iranai

The warmth which graced my fingertips
now recedes into my memories
Sleepless nights are coming
with fear for the delusional dawn
Now not even you
can hear my parting words
as I race into the depths of hell
searching for the place I will die
I cross the desecrated darkness in this dancing wind
I scatter crimson flowers
until I fade away
I'm breathing my last...
When I break down in tears
a defined future lies in these eyes
where I spread my eroded wings
and smile
I fly high and rise above this desecrated darkness
I spread my shattered wings
until I fade away
From the blood of the fallen blooms
a crimson flower in this onyx night
It rains down without blocking the moon
as I dream of seeing your figure
Like the moon returning to its watery domain
I know we will meet again
I surpass the desecrated darkness in this dancing wind
The crimson flowers I scatter
are in full bloom
I look up to the blue sky and feel at peace...
Farewell, the one I love
Shed no tears for me

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