This is a list of commonly heard quotes from Zhang Bao.

Dynasty Warriors 8Edit

  • "You don't wanna make me angry."
  • "I can't take it anymore!"
  • "There's no stopping me!"
  • "I've had enough of you!"
  • "I'm gonna hurt you bad!"
  • "Don't say I didn't warn ya'."
  • "Take this!"
  • "Sorry, but I don't play nice. (Chuckle)"
  • "My turn!"
  • "That was close."
  • "I follow in the footsteps of my father!"
  • "What can I say? I'm good at what I do!"
  • "Things don't look too good... That doesn't mean I'm gonna give up though!"
  • "Ah, it always feels better when you win!"
  • "This is all my fault!
  • "What?! Where did they all come from?!"
  • "You gotta be kidding, you call this an ambush?"
  • "It looks like I wasn't much help..."
  • "No... It can't end like this..."
  • "I'm in charge of this area now!"
  • "Is everyone ready? Good, let's go!"
  • "I won't let a single enemy get past me!"
  • "That one's sure to cause trouble later... I'll take care of things!"
  • "Alright, let's get over there and help out our friends!"
  • "We're going to capture that capture that area over there! It's our chance to look good."
  • "You are a True Warrior of the Three Kingdoms!"
  • "Very nicely done! You are quite the warrior!"
  • "I... um... Could you please help me?
  • "Wow! You're a True Warrior of the Three Kingdoms!"
  • "Good work! Watching you fight has got me all fired up!"
  • "I wish you didn't have to see me like this... Can you lend me a hand?"
  • "A True Warrior of the Three Kingdoms... That's my father!"
  • "I didn't expect anything less from my father!"
  • "Sorry, Father... I'm going to need some help..."
  • "Wow, Xingcai! You are a True Warrior of the Three Kingdoms!"
  • "You were amazing out there, but don't push yourself too hard, Xingcai."
  • "Xingcai... It's really hard to ask you... But can you lend me a hand?"
  • "You did it, Guan Xing! You are a True Warrior of the Three Kingdoms!"
  • "You've certainly come a long way, Guan Xing! It's fun to watch you!"
  • "You saved me, Guan Xing! I knew I could count on you!"
  • "Are you ready to face me?"
  • "Hey, what's going on? Don't think I'm going to go easy on you just because you're alone."
  • "Looks like I got a little carried away... I'm going to pull back for now."
  • "I... didn't get anything done..."
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