Zhang Yun
ROTK12 Zhang Yun
Character Information
Force(s): Liu Biao's Forces
Cao Cao's Forces
Weapon Type:
Unit Type:
Significant Battle(s):
First Appearance: Dynasty Warriors 7
Historical Information
Real name:
Zhāng Yǔn
Chinese name:
張允 - 张允
The novel gives him the death date of 208.

Zhang Yun (onyomi: Chō In) is either one of Liu Biao or Cai Mao's relatives (nephew in the latter case) who has little historically noted for him.

He first served Liu Biao but after his master's death, he joined Cao Cao's forces with his new master, Liu Cong. Record of Xiangyang remarks he was well liked by Liu Biao and conspired together with Cai Mao. Aside from his surrender, he has no other mentions in history. Zhang Yun has greater significance in Romance of the Three Kingdoms.

Role in GamesEdit

In the Dynasty Warriors series, Zhang Yun is a minor officer who is usually paired with Cai Mao and optional to defeat at Chi Bi.

Romance of the Three KingdomsEdit

He becomes commander for Cao Cao's navy at Chi Bi. Together with Cai Mao, he was executed by Cao Cao due to Zhou Yu's plot.


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