Harukanaru Tokinonakade 5 Kazahanaki illustration.

Zhulong (燭龍, onyomi: Sokuryū; lit. "Torch Dragon") is a Chinese deity mentioned within the Shanhaijing. He is described as a human-faced, red long-bodied serpent who resided at Mount Zhangwei. Day would occur when his eyes were opened; night would fall when his eyes closed. He did not need to eat, drink, sleep, or breathe. When he did exhale, the wind would blow and storms could occur. He lit the skies by carrying a torch through them, even having the power to light the underworld. Due to their similar descriptions, he is often associated with Zhuyin (燭陰, onyomi: Soku'in).

Depending on the source, Zhulong was either an alternate name for Zhuyin, different than Zhuyin due to their different stations (Mount Zhu for Zhuyin), or based on him. They have been called sun gods, fire gods, and seasonal gods who are responsible for the transition to summer to winter. Auroras have been fabled to be the leftover trails of either deity's long body.

Legends of Zhuyin were brought to Japan during the Heian period. The Japanese accounts keep the god's powers and recognize his Chinese origins. They misleadingly classify him as a supernatural specter of mischief or a malevolent god.

In the GamesEdit

Koei follows the Japanese interpretation of Zhuyin in their works. One of the minions in Orochi's army is named after him and a Dynasty Warriors Spear can be translated as "Zhuyin Slayer" in Asian ports.

Zhulong is treated as the main antagonist in Harukanaru Toki no Naka de 5 Kazahanaki. It is fabled to be a powerful fallen god which was sealed away by a skilled onmyouji several generations before the main setting. Sou uses his powers to break its seal and allows it to devour the Five Elements between dimensions, hastening the fusion between worlds exponentially. It manifests into the broken modern world once it has restored enough of its original power. If it is defeated, the spiritual laws of all connected realms —present and future— will be rectified to their natural order.